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Style by Dependable Offers Couture Cleaning

Posted: Nov. 29th, 2010 By Kellie K. Speed

Boston Services: Dependable Cleaners recently introduced Style by Dependable, the new way in couture fashion to clean your precious garments. Through Style, each garment is individually cleaned and restored one piece at a time to ensure every item receives personal attention and care.

Style started June 1 with two locations on Newbury Street (the newly renovated 110 and also 316) and one in Brookline and future plans for expansion include the Metrowest suburbs of Weston, Needham, Wellesley, Dover, Lexington, Wayland and Sudbury.

Now, Style by Dependable takes in nearly 50 pieces of clothing each day and has its own equipment, including a utility press and iron.

"We started Style because we believed there was an underserved market in Boston for this type of cleaning," said Charles Ickes, director of premium services for Style.

"There are only a few people who work in the Style group with three inspectors. It is a hands-on service where every single piece is looked at to ensure it leaves looking its very best. Style is not about expensive pieces; it's just about what you love."

The special Style packaging is designed to protect and preserve the garment with extra covering for the shoulders where dust can often accumulate if unworn for an extended period of time. The labor-intensive cleaning process for Style takes up to four working days to complete and costs about double the normal dry cleaning process.

Each garment is meticulously hand finished with strict attention to quality and detail to address each item's exact fabric, trim, and finish requirements that are just not possible with traditional cleaning methods.

Dependable also offers a luxury destination valet service for those constantly traveling. They will package, clean, valet and ship the garment to a hotel so it will be there for your arrival. For more information, call (617) 471-1900 or visit www.stylebydependable.com


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