Vintage & Restoration

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We truly revitalize your timeless vintage clothing with our state-of-the-art restoration process.

Every vintage garment is closely inspected and placed through a series of black light tests to detect even the most obscure blemishes and invisible stains. We use special techniques perfected by Style by Dependable to revive colors, eliminate yellowing and remove oxidized stains. We pay close attention to the details of your garment’s design, and if it’s necessary to replace buttons or beading, we’ll use findings from the same period as the originals whenever possible. Our artisans are committed to helping you preserve and protect classic garments that never go out of style.

Garment Restoration

At Style, we not only revitalize vintage clothing, we restore newer garments that have been severely damaged. By restoring color, reversing shrinkage and re-weaving holes we can bring garments you thought were irreversibly ruined back to life and back into your wardrobe.


In fine garments, as in life, it’s often the small details that matter most. Let our expert finishers restore missing pleats or damaged ruffles by hand to make your best pieces look “like new”.


Elegant gowns and evening dresses often have beautiful beading as an essential part of their design. Beads can add amazing flair, however if they come loose the garment can be a total loss. Style by Dependable specialists pay close attention to every detail of fine beading and replace every bead by hand so you’ll never give up a fine piece of clothing over a small piece of embellishment.

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